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Podfic: A Monster By Any Other Name Part Two, Chapter Eleven

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Oct. 18th, 2012 | 11:16 pm
posted by: alice_alaizabel in motelwincest

NameA Monster By Any Other Name Part Two, Chapter Eleven
Authorsbrosedshield and lavinialavender
Warnings: Full list here
Length: 1:33:16
Pairing: Sam/Dean (but not Wincest: AU where they're not brothers)
Summary: The same old Sam and Dean love story with a darkfic twist. Sam grew up in a concentration for monsters, Dean was raised an only child: together, they make each other human. // Sam was prepared for anything Dean wanted him to do – except become a real.
Notes: This has taken an appallingly long time but it is finally done. I'm sorry for the quality in the middle; I had to briefly use a different recording software and as you can hear, it was pretty rubbish.


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